Carruthers Associates are two key practitioners of long standing experience with a width of knowledge, Hamish and Sheila-Mary Carruthers. The partners work closely with a group of young innovators and experts in their own field, complementing experience with open minded thinking. 

We are valued for:

  • Integrity

  • Resourcefulness

  • Flexibility

  • Good customer relations and long term partnerships

  • Commitment

  • Communication

Professor Sheila-Mary Carruthers FTI FRSA

49 years of consistent design development in the field of textiles and fashion. Sensitivity and an ability to anticipate future trends and opportunities, together with educational skills, has ensured her position as a key consultant within the global industry. Passionate about engaging the next generation in this exciting business. A keen researcher, Sheila-Mary presents on a wide variety of topics, highlighting innovation and ways in which the industry can address environmental issues. Carruthers has recently been awarded the Worshipful Company of Weavers Silver Medal.

Hamish Carruthers MBE FRSA

An experienced and highly respected designer, who can claim to be part of the development of many of the famous names in contemporary fashion. He has a passion for colour and design with specialist knowledge of weave. Hamish has a real understanding of global textile requirements and continues to use his expertice to engage the next generation.