Scotlands War tartan

Another Tartan designed by Hamish Carruthers to commemmorate the Scots who gave their lives in World War 1. The colours represent their blood, the uniforms of the armed services and the gold of Scotland’s Lion Rampant. Well received by many including the press.

A Peter Womersley classic

So sad to see this lovely building slowly rotting. Why in the Borders do we not make sure our interesting heritage is preserved?

Naturally Inspiring, Glasgow 2018

A tremendous day, hosted  by GSA. Great information for the enlightened students who attended. Natasha Lenart, VB, Maggie Smart, Folk, Matther Miller, IWP Winner, Andrew Stevenson, Paul Smith, and of course Carruthers! All courtesy of The Woolmark Company.

Premiere Vision, Spring 19

The message was strongly in favour of the environment, and added value with wearable tech. Sir Paul in best Scottish tartan too!

The glories of the RAC club

And the craftsmanship and facilities are amazing, and in the centre of London

Naturally Inspiring Seminar London

Exciting venue for this marvelous student event, Australia & Somerset House. Such granduer, inspiring indeed.

A small part of the Scottish Centre of Textiles Archive

This growing archive is part of the national fabrics being rescued by Hamish Carruthers. Such a wide and wonderful variety of national treasures, original Scott tartan fabrics, RAF Blue cloths produced during and after the war, couture fabrics from Neil Johnston, innovative design from the 19th century Stars and Stripes from Michael Kors.